Pickle Police

Evil do-ers beware, the pickle police are on the patrol! Starting earlier this week, the illegal pickles will have to face hard times for all the crimes they have committed.

Relishing in this news are the hotdog industries lead CEO's.Thanks to the crackdown on all the illegal pickles, legitmate pickles can finally get paid a resonable wage for the picklish services they perform.

Pickle Union Meeting

This weekend the PUM met and discussed the following:

  • Getting along with Ketchup and Mustard
  • Onions our long lost white bretherns from the south
  • Buns, and how not to get stuck between them

The overall meeting attendance was low for fear of deportation by the dreaded Pickle Police.

A Message about Pickle Pushers

We've all heard stories about the damage caused from Pickle Pushers. I'm here to give you a personal account from one Pickle Parent.

Pickle Pushers hang around behind the Pickle school ,and are always try to hook little Pickles on their Pickle Crack. I can't stand the constant bullying my poor little Pickle recieves. Can't the community stand up and do something about this?

Pickle Ann
Pickle Parent

These words sting deep as I too have a small Pickle at home to worry about. Maybe it is time for the community to do something.

Pickle Frank

Pickle Resources

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We are a proud nation of Pickles; Pickles of many origins, colors, ages, shapes and sizes. We do not discriminate against other Pickles, but we do terrorize all vegetables of other terrirtories. Some day soon, we Pickles shall become the police force of the world!

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